QR Code vs Aztec Code


Do you know anything about those square barcodes?  I know close to nothing about them, except that they can contain useful information and can be handy if you have the right device.  So after I got my Android cell phone I installed a very well-appraised code reader called QR Droid in my phone and I thought I was equipped. 

And then I bought some tickets from Trenitalia and they came with such square codes.  I pointed my phone at them but no they could not be deciphered.  I was frustrated and did not know what to do.  So I could not get anything out of those codes.  End of story.

It was not until much later that I recalled a feature of the QR code (ie squares at three corners).  And the codes on the train tickets had three squares at the centre!!  It had never occurred to me that there were different types of codes that looked alike!  Those codes with three squares at the centre are called aztec codes and are common in Europe (QR code was developed in Japan).  So now I will have to find a software that can decipher different types of codes.

對 aztec codes 仍然沒有辦法,網上有免費的 Android 程式可解讀 aztec codes,但卻要求用家提供手機裏的個人資料。我不想提供這些資料,故問題無法解決。。。

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