Somehow I find it difficult to make investments these days. There are all kinds of barriers to discourage you. The banks do not want your money. They want you to borrow from them, not put money in them. So unless you have a lot of cash to spare they don’t really care. They give you close to zero interest, and they don’t give you any service.
So I think I should invest my money in something. I go to a bank to ask for information and advice on their investment products. Now you don’t get any info/advice unless you go to the designated officers in a designated area and fill out several questionnaires plus do a recording of your consent for their access to your info and giving you advice. Voice recording, as if you are a criminal under interrogation. Phew! They don’t care that you don’t have the time or the patience. They need you to do all these so that you won’t be able to sue them for cheating you. And prices are high. And risks are high.
But if you don’t do anything, your money shrinks. I used to be able to get 40 apples for HK$100. Now I can only get 25 apples for the same amount of money. I am going to starve!
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