I want something that I can’t have
and when it is close it is very frustrating
I try to distance myself from any disappointment
but if it is something very attractive yet unattainable
then I might not want to distance myself
then I am bound to be disappointed

It was what I said in a longish chat I had with Miss Yue.  The chat was originally about someone else’s love, not mine.

Miss Yue replied –

You love it because it’s faraway, and you don’t see the flaws, and you don’t have to make compromise. That’s attractive.
Sometimes, to love from a distance is easier.
Loving someone at close quarter is very challenging. And to live with someone you don’t love is torture.

What she said is not necessarily relevant.  Some people have choices.  Some don’t.  Sometimes it is not a matter of easy or not.  Or right or not.  Sometimes things simply don’t happen.

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