Dear friends,

I have told you about my miserable pair of seeping Geox shoes, haven’t I?  I bought this pair of half-priced Geox sports shoes, together with another pair of loafers, because of the discount. I had never worn this brand before.

Very happily I put on the new shoes, silver in colour, and flew to Sicily, where it rained cats and dogs. And the water got in and soaked my feet.  At first I thought it was quite normal because the rain was heavy and could get in from the top.  But when water seeped in even after the rain had stopped, I knew that the shoes were no good.  And there were holes underneath (its patent design)!!!  Very miserable as I didn’t bring a lot of shoes with me …

So last week I brought the shoes back to Sogo (where I bought them) and told them the problem. They took them back and a few days later called me to tell me that they would give me a new pair of the same model and size.  They never admitted any flaws/defects of the shoes but I think this is good enough.  I was prepared to throw the shoes away and was very undecided about the other pair which I had not worn yet.

So the lessons learned are 1) some troubles (taking the shoes back instead of just throwing them away) are worthwhile; 2) the Geox company in HK is not too bad;  3) but still, don’t buy Geox shoes (oh the holes, a permanent threat).  Buy Ecco instead.

BTW, Geox is quite popular in Italy.  I saw its shops in every Italian city/town I went to in the last two months.

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