A Man for All Seasons

It was Oscar night so I was chatting with Miss Yue about films. I was talking about how gorgeous Daniel Day-Lewis was, how unbelievable that he was already 51, how I liked the Crucible and many of his other films, and how I thought he should play Christopher Newman in Henry James’s the American, etc.

And then some clips of the Oscar show on the TV reminded me of the film “A Man for All Seasons”, which I’ve only watched once, but found unforgettable. So the chat turned into –

Me –
Do you know the film a man for all seasons

Her –
Yes, it’s a good film. I’ve seen it but forgot about it.

Me –
Such a good film.

Her –
Will catch it again if it comes up on TV, etc.

Me –
It’s about Henry VIII’s minister,
Someone called Moore,
Who was against the divorces.

Her –
Yes, English court.
It’s been re-run on TV.

Me –
That day, many years ago,
I was preparing to go out to watch a 1430 show.
And it was about 1300.
I turned on the TV.
Turned to an English channel.
And that film was playing.
I watched it,
And could not bring myself to leave the TV.
Such a good film.

Her –
You saw the 1966 or 1988 film?

Me –
Paul Scofield.
There was a 1988 film?

Her –

Me –

Me –
So it is Thomas More, not Moore.
Well at least I got 4 letters right.

Her –
I must have seen it a long long time ago.

Me –
I didn’t know it was a famous film when I watched it.
I only knew that it was good.

Her –
Yes, the 1966 one won many Oscars.

Me –
Have you read any Henry James?

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