My hotel provides free internet access, but with only one PC and all the wrong coding, it is very difficult to use it.

Just bought myself a very expensive LV handbag [640 euro, plain crazy]. Not really one that I had originally planned for but was recommended by the shop staff [friendly japanese]. Couldn’t decide so took some time and when I returned to the shop the one and only one there was just sold!! Had to go all the way to Au Bon Marche to buy the only one left in Paris. The LV branch on Av Champs-Elysees seemed quite empty. I can think of a number of reasons. But I didn’t buy or intend to buy there cos I have always hated the attitude of the staff there.

The Chagall exhibition was very expensive [9 euro] and I didn’t really like it. I had thought that I would like it because his paintings look very nice, dreamy and colourful from a distance and I liked the church windows he designed. But on closer look the paintings are filled with flying people, flying goats and flying bulls. Felt dizzy and a headache. Julia Roberts says in Notting Hill, Love is not love without a violin playing goat. I probably liked Chagall because of this.

Hope my flight back home [tomorrow night] will be all right. It is not Air France staff who are having a strike, but the public sector workers, i.e. Air Traffic Controllers. Checked with AF personally today [met with very cold staff], and have been told that the flight would be all right. But I think something might be outside the airline’s control. The metro in Paris is running quite allright though.

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