Hello. I am killing my time in a cybercafe in Paris. This is the cheapest one [called easyinternetcafe, always the cheapest]. The arrangement of the keys of the keyboard is very weird, making it very difficult to type.

I dont really have any plan today. Probably will go to see a temp exhibition on Chagall in the Grand Palace. Spent half day in Louvre yesterday [again!]. My legs almost came off after I had strolled through the museum from 1600 to 2000 [4 hours!]. I used to focus on the most famous works but recently I chose to stroll through the place and always met something less famous but just as stunning. There is a Da Vinci exposition going on there. I never fancy much about him but saw it anyways [extra charge! should have spent it on the Armani exhibition in Berlin!]. Not impressed as always. As expected, many of the works [cartoons, sketches] came from the QEIIs collection. I really don’t understand why people think he was so special. Most of his works are left unfinished. I like Michelangelo way way better.

Paris is VERY expensive. Berlins prices are very reasonable when compared to Paris. And Paris is dirty. And the people as unwelcoming as ever. I don’t know if I would buy anything now that Euro is so expensive.

But the museums in Paris are usually works of art in themselves. Berlin is no comprison in this. Pergamon was such a lousy place that I had to leave in 2 hours. But Berlin itself was quite lovely.

Please tell me something about the SARS situation in HK.

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