1st message

Dear friend,

I am sending my first message during this trip. Hard to believe.

The packaged tour was all right. I had little to complain. My own trip in Berlin so far has not been bad either. The only down side has been the weather. It is too hot. Most of the time it is about or above 30 degrees and it is really hard if outdoor. I spent most of my day time in museums (10 museums in 3 days, done almost all the home work you gave me) to hide from the sun, so it has been allright until today. I took a very expensive train ride to Leipzig, walked and then I could not bear the sun. Plus I was not able to call Air France (flying tomorrow, must call to confirm in case of strike). Feeling physically and emotionally unwell, I returned in about three hours, again taking the very expensive ICE train.

This is the worst day of my trip. But then I will be in Paris tomorrow, so who cares.

Eating very little when on my own. Feeling very unwell the first day when I was on my own, only to discover later than I was in fact very hungry, to the point of stomach ache. My best record was to spend less than 8 euros a day. Will tell you how and why later.

Bye now.

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