Gyeongju / Busan

Dear friend,

Don’t bother to reply this message if you have no time.

It is quite difficult to get on line here (Busan Gimhae Airport) despite the free service. There is a coding problem so I can’t really read anything containing any Chinese. And I can’t log on to the office webmail either.

Gyeongju (Hing Chow in Cantonese) was quite good, but not as good as I had expected. Gyeongju is one hour from Busan so I use the Busan airport. Gyeongju is in fact one big cemetary with earth-moulded graves everywhere. People live around those graves, and walk upon them. The moon was very bright and the sky very clear the last two nights. It was kind of odd to appreciate the moon in the open with all those graves around. And there were few people on the streets after 7pm, and the streets were not as brightly lit as in HK.

Yesterday I got chat up with a man in Busan who offered to take me to a remote park close to his home on his scoopter. Such things do happen when they see you are alone. He did warn me that the place that I’m going to now had been damaged by the typhoon a couple of weeks ago (the guy on the lonely planet site also said this) and the recovery was still underway. I will not change my itinerary as everything has been booked. But I will see just what there are to see.

I’ve made a smart choice to skip Busan. The place seems to be very busy preparing for the Asian Games but is not very interesting to me.

Bye now.

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