Dear friends,

Hello, I am now using the free internet service at Jeju airport. Seems that every airport in Korea offers such service, which is great. CLK should follow suit.

I joined a full-day tour yesterday to tour around the east side of Jeju island. It was quite a great outing, with fine weather and nice companions. Most of the other people in the group were American-Koreans. Since there was a US-born kid (28-year), they tend to translate everything for him, so I also benefitted.

We visited the place where old sea-women still dive to pick up shellfish, and these people, out of sympathy for their poor business, ordered to eat the very fresh seafruits raw, and invited me to join them. I didn’t eat any but was quite happy.

Korea food was great. Each time I got into a restaurant randomly, and ordered quite randomly (what else could I do), I was served great food. And they are cheap.

Got to catch my flight to Busan now. I wonder if you all would get my message.

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