Dear friends,

Hello. I’ve just spent an almost completely meaningless day in Konya, Central Anatonlia. Konya is supposed to be one of the important places for the Muslims but I’m getting tired of the muslim monuments. And the men here are like pests. I was forced to spend USD9 on a taxi ride (instead of USD0.3 for a mini-bus) so as to get rid of one who followed me. Here it is hot, dry and dusty and there is no shopping opportunities. The day at last brightened up, though. A girl asked how old I was (they do this here) and she guessed 25! Ha Ha Ha!!! LOL!

I must now wait for my bus to Pamukkale which will depart at 24:00. And it is now only 18:35.

I’ve just called a hotel in Pamukkale. When I asked if there would be a room for me, the answer was an immediate "of course". I wonder how that hotel looks like.

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