Dear friend,

You wouldn’t believe what I did. I extended my stay in Lauterbrunnen by one day so that I was there during the honeymooners’ whole stay. And you know what they did? They also extended their stay there by one day so they could be free from me at last. Ha ha. The truth is most people extend their visit at Lauterbrunnen because, well, it’s a quiet, resting place and within easy reach of the many sights nearby. And really, though it’s not cheap, it is relatively cheaper than other places in Switzerland.

My plan today turned out to be very poor. I visited a castle called Chillon, which was nothing but boring. And for no particular reason, I came to Geneva. You see I can travel very freely today as I’m using my rail pass. And when I was in Chillon, which is at the east side of the Lake of Geneva, there were showers whereas there was sunshine at the west side of the lake (i.e. Geneva). That’s why I came. And I am bored.

I’m waiting for my night train to Venice, which is scheduled a little before midnight (it is now 6 pm). Lucky that the charge for internet use here is cheap (relatively), only CHF 5 (about HKD 25) per hour.

Write to you later. Bye now.

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