Last day at Santorini

Dear friend,

For want of better things to do, I joined a tour to the nearby volcanic island called Nea Kameni, which was formed by a volcanic eruption. Once I set foot on the barren island, I regretted it. It was no tour, it was dumping you there letting you "explore freely" the barren rock, and not letting you go back for the next 1.5 hours. There were no trees, no shelter, even no roads. The sandy paths were full of loose volcanic rocks. I followed the others uphill and half way up I started wondering why I was doing this. I should have stayed in an Internet cafe and waited for my boat to Crete. The sun was fierce and there was absolutely no way to save my skin. The paths were as rough as you can expect of a volcanic island. I was only fortunate that I haven’t put on my contact lenses today or else, all the sandy wind… Regret. Regret. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go visit a volcano.

Remember once we talked about how an Aeroflot flight crashed because the pilot let his son drive the plane? The boat I took to return to Santorini was driven by a boy not older than 10 years. Part of the trip he was under the guidance of two crew, the rest of it he was alone. I suppose this shouldn’t have happened, or am I too sensitive?

Everyone thinks that I am Japanese, including the Japanese. If I put on a hat, even I myself think that I look like them. Funny. But when you think of it, Japanese women are great cosmetic wearers. We are under the same sun, same weather, they keep looking impeccable whereas I keep sweating like I am going to leave all the sweat in my life in Greece.

Bye now.

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