17.9.96 (Tue)

I am now on the TGV to Paris, at last.

I have had great difficulty in putting my backpack up onto the rack. It is so very heavy that it is difficult even to put it on my back. The man sitting beside me helped me. That was nice. Otherwise I might have torn open the wound on my right palm again. By the way, the wound is getting better now.

I am still wondering what I should do in Paris. Maybe I should go to the Louvre again, or maybe the Rodin Museum, or maybe the Disneyland (ah, but no). I don’t know yet.

I’ve learnt on TV that in the morning the temperature in southern France is around 10 to 11 degrees. Around Paris, it is lower than that. Chilly. I saw a lady wearing a knee-long leather jacket this morning and people hugged themselves in the wind. Imagine this temperature in Hong Kong, it will be freezing. But here it is all right, just chilly, not really cold.

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