30.8.96 (Fri)

It is not yet 6 am and I am of course in the hotel. This Hotel Junior Praha is quite a run down hostel. The furniture is worn out and I don’t think the bed sheet, blanket, pillow and towels are very clean. It just does not feel clean. It simply can’t be compared with the great big hotel in Berlin. But of course I pay much less here.

My room is on the first floor facing the street. There is an ugly terrace outside but it is shared by another room, so I keep it locked.

When I was in Berlin, I kept thinking of going back to the hotel. Now, I feel like going out very much. This is the difference.

The lady at the reception of this hotel was very business-like. She made me feel that this was after all an ex-communist country. She was stone-faced and spoke only when she absolutely had to. And she took my passport when I checked in here. I must remember to get it back when I leave.

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