26.8.96 (Mon)

I am on the plane to London. It will arrive there in 45 minutes. This journey has not been so bad, though it is of course difficult to remain seated for 13 hours.

The first seat I got was all right except that it was too close to the smokers. I tried to change seat about two hours after the flight had taken off but it was already too late. Most vacant seats had already been taken up. This seat I am in now is not very good because the reading light is out of order and the earphone point is not functioning properly. And the kid sleeping beside me kicked me from time to time. But it is still endurable. Sometimes I slept and sometimes I watched the movies/TV. The movies are good. But I have seen them all before.

The food was not bad at all. I think I had a wrong impression about BA’s food. The awful food should be that of British Midland.

My right eye hurts quite badly. The eye drop the doctor gave me does not seem useful. I am worried.

I will read about Berlin on the next flight. I feel that I am not well prepared for the trip yet. I hope everything will be fine.

The food at the Hong Kong Airport was very, very expensive. Impossibly expensive. One 500 ml Volvic water was HKD22. An ordinary cup of coke was $19 and a tasteless sandwich something around $35. Awful. No doubt McDonald’s runs a good business.

My eye hurts. What should I do?

* * *

Here is what happened on the flight to Berlin. There was an Asian girl who kept talking in German incessantly to a European young man, whom she had just met obviously. They sat in the seats several rows in front of me and the girl blah blah blah all the way. The noise a woman can produce is unbelievable. I think the girl was from Hong Kong. And she spoke in German, English, Cantonese and Putonghua.

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