15.9.95 (Fri)

I am now at a coffee shop waiting for my cappuccino and cake. It is 4:10 pm. I suppose this is my lunch as I haven’t had anything since breakfast.

I just phoned the hotel in London which I had written to earlier. I asked if I could have a room. The answer was "fully booked". Fine. I then phoned another hotel and made a reservation at £42 or £45 (don’t remember) per night. Then I remembered that when I phoned the first hotel, I did not mentioned that I had written. So I phoned it again. It turned out that it was the only hotel which had actually reserved a room for me in response to my letters. I am not sure if this was good or bad luck. So I had to cancel the one and only successful "advance" reservation. The answer was OK. I hope it is really OK as I had given my credit card number to this one hotel.

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