13.9.95 (Wed)

I am now on a train to Salzburg.

I spent most of yesterday sleeping. It was a waste of time but I could not help it. I left the hotel at around 9 am, wanting to go to the Residenz. I had to wear my shorts because I had washed my jeans (the vomit). It was cold and very soon I felt sick. I could not make it to the Residenz and so I returned to the hotel. I threw myself onto the bed and slept.

I then went to the Residenz again at around 1 pm. But when I finally found the entrance, I did not quite feel like going in. So instead I went to the Deutsches Museum. It was like a large-size Science Museum of Hong Kong. I had a hot chocolate at the restaurant, sat there for a while and then headed for the exhibits. But before long I had to sit down to rest. And I almost fell asleep at once. Since I took no real interest in the science exhibits, and since I felt tired and sick, I left the museum at around 3 pm. I hurried back to the hotel and slept again.

My stomach and the surrounding muscles ached. I felt hungry but had no appetite. And I was afraid of eating anything that might make me throw up again.

I still feel unwell but I am less weak now. At least I don’t feel so desperately sleepy.

It was a shame that my trip to Fussen was tarnished by this food poisoning thing. The Schloss Newschwanstein was quite beautiful, though I had to walk for 30 minutes up to the castle and wait in line for another 30 minutes to join the obligatory guided tour. But it was good to have a guide to tell me stories, like those about the handsome Konig Ludwig II.

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