12.9.95 (Tue)

I am now in my hotel room in Munich. It is about 7:50 am.

Last night was horrible. I went to Fussen during the day and had a tasty cheeseburger and a coke at around 1:40 pm as lunch. Then I took the 3:05 pm train back to Munich. I felt very sick on the train. I could hardly breathe. Then I went to the toilet to throw up. Surprisingly there was no water in the toilet so it was kind of dirty. I then moved to another compartment where the window was opened so that I could breathe more easily. Then I felt sick again. I used the newspaper that someone had left behind and threw up again. But still it was all over my jeans and the floor. It was terrible. I returned to the hotel and vomited six times. I had never known that it would take so much strength to throw up. My stomach practically turned over. The cheeseburger, the coke, water, pills, everything came out. All my muscles ached. I could not drink or eat because I would throw up whenever anything reached my stomach. I think I was almost dehydrated. I was so exhausted that I went to bed before 8 pm. Yet I had to get up several times to vomit. At around 4 am this morning, I finally felt better and took some pills. Then when I woke up again, I felt hungry and ate a banana. It tasted wonderful. I do not feel nauseous any more now, but the muscles, especially those around the stomach, ache. And still I feel very tired.

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