10.9.95 (Sun)

I am now in a McDonald’s in Munich eating my dinner. Since all shops are closed on Sunday, I do not have many othe choices.

Isn’t it amazing that I have just watched a movie "While you were sleeping" here? The movie has been dubbed in German, yet I think I understand most of it. It is not that I have learnt any German. It is just that the story of the film is simple. Anyone can guess it. I think I have only missed the details. I plan to watch it again back home. Though it is not such an outstanding movie, I need to know all of the story.

Before going to the movie, I went to Schloss Nymphenberg. It was not a really old palace. The structure was beautiful but not impressive. Then I took a bus to the Olympic Stadium, which was now a park. The place was crowded with local people. The stadium was ugly. I took two pictures and left.

The Munich old town centre around Marienplatz was beautiful. I am going to visit that area again to get a clearer picture.

The hotel that I am staying in is next to a busy shopping street. It is called Hotel Arosa and the room costs me DM 110 per night. It seems quite all right.

I am going to Fussen tomorrow. I will take the 7:53 am train and arrive there before 10 am. I don’t have other plans because all museums will be closed on Monday. On Tuesday, I plan to go to the Deutsches Museum and the Residenz. And I think I have to give up Dachau. But I don’t really mind because visiting sad places like a concentration camp is not my cup of tea.

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