17.5.95 (Wed)

I am now in Montmartre, sitting in a cafe on the street. I don’t enjoy it much because it is windy and dusty.
I went to Versailles, Musee Rodin, Hotel des Invalides and the Church of Sacred Heart. The weather was weird today. It rained all the morning with occasional sunshine while I was in Versailles. It has been fine back in Paris. The Palace was beautiful and majestic. But that was all. I don’t really like rain.
I came to Montmartre and caught the tram to the peak. There was a service going on inside the church. I just strolled around and when I saw the souvenir counter, a sudden anger struck me and I started to cry right inside the Church. Luckily it was dark inside. I cried because they were so busy doing business in church even during a service. Those people had learnt nothing from Jesus’ teaching. And I couldn’t stop crying on my way back to the Metro, where this cafe is. I don’t know why on earth I was so emotional. It is, after all, so common for people to do business on religious premises all around the world. But I felt really sad.

I am thinking about changing my plan tomorrow. Instead of going to Fontainebleau, I think I will go the Normandy. I will see.
I think I am now all covered with dust.
* * *
I am now in a restaurant near av des Champs-Elysees which charges over 65 FF for a chef salad and over 20 FF for an orange juice. It is expensive enough but I don’t think I am enjoying it. I am afraid that the salad will come late as I still have to rush for the movie "Alerte" (i.e. "Outbreak"). The movie costs me 45 FF. I feel that there is not much difference between spending French Francs and spending Hong Kong Dollars. I did not think that the ticket was expensive until I came across another cinema on av des Champs-Elysees showing the same movie but charged only 38 FF for a ticket. It was not much cheaper, but it was CHEAPER. So I am a not-so-smart tourist!

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