16.5.95 (Tue)

It is almost 10 pm now and I am in the hotel. It is raining outside. It has been raining since around 2 pm while I was playing the “Big Thunder Mountain” in the Disneyland. And I have stayed in the hotel since 6 pm.

I started off early for the Disneyland today, planning to buy a passeport for the park before going there and redeem an RER return ticket to Disneyland with my Eurail Pass, just as taught by the guidebooks. I bought the passeport from the Tourist Office at the Gare de Lyon, a shabby little room at a corner of the station. But when I asked for the RER tickets, the RER staff said no. I don’t know if it was because of a failure of communication or a change of policy. Just "no". So I spent 74 FF for the RER tickets and was almost exhausted when I finally got on the right train.

The Disneyland was not as enjoyable as I had expected. It was partly because of the rain, partly because it was very similar to the one in Tokyo, and partly because some of the staff were being unhelpful or even rude. Somehow the wonder of the park had faded. I hope it had nothing to do with my age. Anyway, it was cold and wet there so I left at about 4 pm, quite early I must say, and dozed off on the train all my way back to Paris, with a headache upon arrival.

I have exchanged 5 traveller’s cheques for 1 USD to 4.75 FF and got 475 FF in total. I don’t know if the rate was good but the service at the Tourist Office at the av des Champs-Elysees was definitely satisfactory and, most importantly, welcoming.

My eyes seemed to have resumed normal today as a result of the eyedrops I bought from a pharmacy near Pompidou Centre and I wore lenses today.

I hope the rain will stop tonight as I plan to go the Versailles tomorrow.

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