15.5.95 (Mon)

It is about 1:45 pm and I am now in the Louvre.

Here are where I went to yesterday : Jardin des Tuileries, Place de le Concorde, av des Champs-Elysees and then I walked all the way up to le Arc de Triomphe. There was nothing special except that I no longer felt that my legs and feet were mine. I went to the top of the Arc, very easily by means of an elevator, but had to walk down to the street level through a round-and-round staircase. I turned and turned and it made me very dizzy. The Arc could never be taller to me!

Then I went to the Pompidou Centre. I felt so very helpless and misplaced inside (didn’t know where to go, what to see/expect, and had no assistance, etc.) that I left there in 10 minutes.

I woke up at about 5 am this morning to find that I could not open my eyes. My right eye hurt very badly and the tears kept pouring out. I could not wear my lenses and am now afraid of light. But it hurts less now and the tears have stopped. I hope it well get better tomorrow because I am going to the Disneyland and I need my sunglasses. I really can’t stand sunlight straight into my eyes.

I came to the Louvre at 9 am and started strolling around. I haven’t had much guidance or information but that is fine as I can concentrate on the works of art themselves. I am not good at art but this is also fine by me. I can still feel the beauty. The most famous pieces attract crowds and I didn’t care to get near. I love a painting by Raffelle portraying St Michel beating up the demon, a marble sculpture of a nymph bitten by a scorpion and the Roman sculptures. I feel tired, naturally, but quite happy. The Louvre is really worth a visit.

I had lunch at a cafe in the museum. It cost me 62 FF for a baguette, as usual, and two drinks. It was expensive but I enjoyed it.

It is still cold in the morning. Local people wear gloves and coat. I still don’t have enough to wear. I called mom at 8 am telling her this and she told me to buy some clothes. I was just preparing to do so but I find it absurd to by winter clothes in mid-May.

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