14.5.95 (Sun)

I am now sitting in le Jardin du Luxembourg, bathing in sunshine. This is a lovely park.

After over 14 hours of torture on a plane, I arrived at Paris Orly early this morning. Finding the way to Paris was not without panic. Since I could not find the way to the train station at the airport, I took an Air France bus for 32 FF to Montparnasse. But I did not know where to get off. Luckily there was a stop at the Metro station Duroc, so I just jumped off there. More panic when I actually looked up the route map of the Metro. It was almost impossible to find the way to the hotel that I planned to move in. Though recommended by "Let’s Go Europe", the hotel is somewhat disappointing, and not cheap at all for it costs me 325 FF per night for a single room. There is a bathroom inside, but no toilet. It is really weird. But the room has a huge ceiling-height window which provides quite a good view.

The weather is fine and dry, but cold. There is sunshine, but it must be below 10 degrees when in the shade. Because of the wind, I think. I have not enough to wear and there are signs of a cold.

I am prepared to just stroll around today and see what I will find. Just to try to take in Paris, or the other way around.

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